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ron chilston photographer


About The Photographer

Hi, I’m Ron Chilston and I have been photographing the world around me since the age of 9.  I built my own darkroom at the age of 10 and taught myself how to process and print b&w film.  The 80’s brought me into the photo lab business and in the mid-80’s I moved to Phoenix to work in my first professional photo lab!  I’ve been photographing Weddings off and on for 40+ years, beginning in my home state of Wyoming.  Lately, I’m the full-time Assistant Fire Chief for the Jerome Fire Department.
Pretty much retired from shooting Weddings a few years ago.  Unless I know you, usually, or, you are planning a destination Wedding in Jerome.

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Verde Canyon Railroad

If you are planning on holding your small Wedding on the Verde Canyon Railroad, mention that you saw this website and mention my name.  You won’t get anything for it, but it can’t hurt!  I’ve photographed marketing material and this Wedding for them!

Arizona Wedding Photos

A few Wedding photos shot at various locations in the Verde Valley.

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